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September 24, 2017


UNWTO General Assembly Kicks Off

The 22nd United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) General Assembly has opened for pre-opening sessions in Chengdu, China on Monday.   + Three regional committees each held a meeting: the Americas, Middle East and Africa convened to elect their new committee countries for the next UNWTO Executive Council.   + Proposed Secretary-General Elect, Zurab Pololikashvili made a brief appearance before

Publisher Calls it Time Out – looking forward to UNWTO’s General Assembly

As Publisher, Juergen Steinmetz issued an open letter to WorldTourismWire readers today. The letter reads: I have supported  World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for more than two decades. The upcoming 22nd General Assembly is a critical time for our world tourism leaders, countries and stakeholders know as associated members to come together during extraordinary times. In

Palestine Application for full UNWTO membership: Money talks for Israels fight to stop this

Many think tourism is something Israel and Palestine are agreeing on and tourism is a peace industry – are they correct? Besides the confirmation hearing for the next UNWTO Secretary General, another important decision for the upcoming General Assembly is the application by the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Tourism for a full membership into UNWTO.  The application for

UNWTO Taleb Rifai calls emergency meeting at General Assembly

It has been a tough week for World Tourism and the challenges are still developing. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the  World Tourism Organization will take an opportunity when welcoming more than 1000 top tourism officials to Chengdu, China next week and called for an emergency meeting to discuss the impact of recent Hurricanes to

French UNWTO Delegate: More UNWTO Election News

Looking back to May 12,  2017, Madrid, the day the UNWTO Elections for the new Secretary-General took place. At the same time,  there was a widely discussed national election in France.  The French were busy, at home, and apparently, abroad in Madrid. Highly placed sources have confirmed to eTN,  the French voting delegate, Mr. Michel Durrieu, Ministry of Foreign

Threats from Georgia: German investigative editor urges delegations to reject Zurab Pololikashvil for UNWTO SG

After claiming he received death threats from Georgia, Frank Tetzel, Editor in Chief for Fair-Economics, a leading German publication based in Berlin today urged delegations attending the UNWTO General Assembly in China next week to vote NO for the UNWTO Secretary-General Elect Pololikashvil confirmation.  Frank Tetzel is also an investigative reporter for the German Edition

Dr. Mzembi: Its not about Me, its about UNWTO and Global Tourism

Dr. Walter Mzembi, the outspoken minister of tourism and hospitality from Zimbabwe may no longer be available to run for the Secretary General post,  but he is still advocating strongly for UNWTO election scrutiny.   UNWTO has been in turmoil since May and continues to attract unfortunate interference with the election process with continued meddling

Geoffrey Lipman: “Yes” or “No” scenario on UNWTO Secretary General confirmation

Professor Geoffrey Lipman is former Assistant Secretary General of UNWTO, first President of WTTC and Executive Director at IATA He has known and worked with at least 5 Secretary Generals, served as Assistant Secretary-General of the UNWTO He contacted WorldTourismWire in regards to the upcoming confirmation hearing for Secretary General at the UNWTO General Assembly in

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